Tea Mixology has now become a familiar term in relation to beverages made with tea. It is the art of respectfully combining nature’s most indulgent herbal beverage, with other ingredients to produce tea inspired cocktails, mocktails and shooters. Mixology is a colourful combination of exceptional taste, creative energy and suave flair of mixing different ingredients to produce harmony on the palate. Add tea, with its limitless variety, to the equation and it takes this craft to a different level altogether.

Tea mixology demands expertise and commitment from the mixologist for it requires an understanding of the unique identity of each tea. It is the art of respectfully combining nature’s most indulgent herbal beverage, with other ingredients to produce tea inspired cocktails, mocktails and shooters. For this to be accomplished, the mixologist must understand the influence of terroir; of soil, moisture, wind conditions, sunshine and temperature which define the character of tea as the nature intended it to be.

Camellia sinensis, the plant from whose tender buds tea is handpicked when making real tea, produces a spectrum of taste, flavour, strength, colour, aroma and texture. This infinite variety is at the heart of indulgence in tea and is craft. Tea effectively changes with the weather, with tea from one valley for example, with certain characteristics, being entirely different even days later as the weather changes.

Whilst appreciating that heritage and terroir of tea, its combination with other drinks and ingredients to produce a pleasurable result is the objective of the Dilmah Tea Mixology programme. It is Dilmah’s hope that it will help create a deeper understanding of tea, so that it is given its due place in contemporary mixology.Respecting the often delicate flavours and aromas, defined by terrior, that form the personality of a tea is what makes the task of the tea mixologist especially complex and equally rewarding once perfected. Tea has always inspired fellowship, solace and pleasure, all of which continue through to a new facet, as the camaraderie and vibrancy of modern mixology embraces the rich and beautiful complexity of tea.





Ida Bhawartha


Andi Yoga Wira Utama

I Wayan Juniantara





4th Dilmah Tea Mixology Competition


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We are the appointed Sole Agent of Dilmah Tea in Indonesia ever since to present.

The Dilmah Mixology PlayOff Competition is a showcase of skill and creativity in producing exceptional Cocktails, Mocktails and traditional hot beverages using Ceylon’s Finest Tea. The exquisite art of making tea is celebrated with an array of Fine Tea from Dilmah. The aim is to share with hospitality professionals and to experience the over all from taste to appearance to extend the tea not only for a healthy beverage drinks but as an indulgent beverage of a life style.
We have held this competition 3 times from 2013 in Jakarta, 2014 in Bali, and 2016 in Surabaya.