Globally renowned, Dilmah has grown from its humble origins into a tea brand renowned world wide. Unique in its promise of unmatched freshness, provenance, flavor, and integrity. Dilmah teas are high-quality, sophisticated and rich in healthy antioxidants.

Created by founder Merrill Joseph Fernando together with his son Dilhan and Malik in 1988, the brand has grown thanks to his skill and extensive experience as a tea taster, as well as his dedication and unwavering belief in the quality of ceylon tea Dilmah Tea Gastronomy Dilmah was a pioneer in the area of tea gastronomy, having started an exploration of the harmonious marriage of flavour and texture in tea and food in 1999.

Dilmah’s ThéCulinaire, Chefs and the Teamaker, Mixologists and the Teamaker, Real High Tea and Tea in Five Senses events have significantly advanced the understanding amongst culinary professionals and the hospitality industry of the opportunity to share the pleasure in tea in a unique way, by using tea as an ingredient or by matching tea with food. Dilmah Tea Gastronomy is the tea culinary adventure that is a co-operation with Chefs and Culinary associations around the world.